Bubba Johnson

Obituary of Bubba Johnson

Bubba, 10 years old, passed away July 17th, 2017 beside his loving care giver and best friend, H.L. Johnson.

 Bubba was born on February 12th, 2008 in West Virginia. At six weeks old, Bubba was adopted by H.L. Where H.L. went, Bubba went. The two were always together side by side. Bubba enjoyed playing and traveling with the company of H.L. He could tell time, especially when he was at the funeral home. When 3:00 P.M. came around, Bubba was ready to go home. Bubba was a sweet, friendly dog with a big heart.

He will be greatly missed by his father and best friend H.L. Johnson and the staff at Johnson-Arrowood. Bubba is laid to rest in the landscaping in front of the funeral home. The landscaping is dedicated in memory of Bubba.